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The Colorinno™ colour range is the result of a long and in-depth research process. Our development team has created a comprehensive system using only tested, high quality materials, which includes popular, vibrant, fresh colours that combine well with natural shades. The timeless quality of all Colorinno™ colours is verified by experienced professionals and weather-testing machines in our laboratory in Dunavarsány.


Following our successful second-generation colour card, which was launched several years ago, new trends in the construction industry and changing customer needs have inspired our latest colour card, Peakston 3 Gen. We also felt that our improved premium quality new facade renders needed to be accompanied by a brand-new colour palette. The new colour range is based on decades of experience and statistical data, with the needs of our customers in mind. The 3 Gen colour card contains a total of 220 shades. Our aim is to ensure that all our customers find the colour of their dreams in a single colour card. We use top-quality pigments for colouring, and the colour recipes are prepared in our state-of-the-art laboratory.


The latest trends have not escaped our Sandtex® plinth plaster either! We have redefined the colour palette, expanding it from 42 to 60 different colour combinations. Our careful developmental process has sought to keep up with the latest architectural trends, but of course we have also kept the popular, traditional shades. Alongside our coloured stones, we have also introduced Natural Stones, which, either on its own or mixed with coloured stones in certain proportions, gives plinths a more natural, cleaner look. We also present four truly unique plinth colours that draw attention with their natural mineral lustre, giving the building an extraordinary elegance. Special mica can be added to any shade for a brilliant finish.


The grouping of the new shades is inspired by the four elements (fire, earth, water, metal), giving rise to the fantasy names MAGICAL LAND - LIVING EARTH - MYSTERIOUS OCEAN - TIMELESS STEEL.


As the most exposed part of the facade is the plinth, we have not changed the well-proven binder of our product. We continue to use only high quality, pure acrylate with zero water absorption. It has outstanding weathering, scratch and abrasion resistance, which in addition to aesthetic requirements, also provides the structure with long-term technical protection.


The colours shown on the website may differ from those seen in real life.





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